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About 100 Subject Matter Distribution Lists Currently Available

FIEN emails are specific to each subscriber's chosen area of interest. We recommend selecting no more than 6-8 subject areas. A daily summary of all the previous day's alerts are sent each weekday, so you never miss a thing. Plus, subscribers have the ability to search the archives.

Here are the subject matters currently monitored by FIEN:

 Agricultural Research
 Alcoholic Beverages
 Alternative Crop Uses and Waste Utilization
 Analytical Methods
 Animal Welfare
 Artificial Sweeteners
 Bakery Products
 Big Data
 Biobased Products
 Canada Issues
 Chemical Weapons Treaty
 Clean Air
 Clean Air State Programs
 Clean Water - Chesapeake Bay
 Clean Water - Great Lakes
 Clean Water - Lake Tahoe
 Clean Water - Regulations and Legislation
 Clean Water - Other
 Confectionery and Chocolate
 Consumer Products
 Crop Protection
 Drinking Water
 Economics and Statistics
 Edible Dry Beans
 Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)
 Employment Opportunities
 Endangered Species
 Endocrine Disruptors
 Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
 Environmental Audits
 Environmental Clean Up Technologies
 Environmental Education
 Environmental Systems Management
 Fats and Oils
 FIEN Updates
 Financing of Environmental Projects
 Food Additives
 Food Allergens/Sensitivity
 Food Defense
 Food Fraud
 Food Irradiation
 Food Labeling
 Food Packaging
 Food Quality, Product Development and Marketing (Ag Commodities and Processed Food)
 Food Safety
 Food Waste
 Fruits, Vegetables and Nuts
 Global Climate Change
 Government Administrative Actions
 Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)
 Hazardous Substances Management
 Hemp, CBD and THC
 International Cooperative Efforts
 International Trade
 Invasive Species
 Life Cycle Assessment, Design for the Environment, and Pollution Prevention
 Local Government
 Meat, Poultry and Eggs
 Medical Issues
 Mexico Issues
 Migrant and Seasonal Farm Workers
 Municipal Solid Waste
 Municipal Sewage Sludge
 Non Governmental Organization Actions
 Nonhazardous Waste
 Nutrition - General
 Nutrition - USDA FNS Programs
 Occupational Safety and Health
 Organic Food
 Pesticide Registration
 Pet Food Issues
 Plant Variety Protection
 Rangeland Issues
 Retail Foodservice (Restaurants)
 Retail Food Marketing (Grocery Stores)
 Radio Frequency Identification
 Risk Assessment and Communication
 Security and Exchange Commission Environmental Reporting Issues
 Soft Drinks
 State Environmental Infrastructure Needs
 Sustainable Development
 Underground Storage Tanks
 Veterinary Medicine
 Water Quantity


A 4-week free trial period is available only to qualified organizations, which are food companies, trade associations, professional societies, university departments, government offices, consultants, and law firms in the food and agricultural industry. If you are interested in a free trial, please contact FIEN, LLC at elana@fien.com .

List Updated: January 3, 2017